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Fight --- Fight

Remember those words when you were a child. They usually echoed from the playground – often after school. During the day some wrong occurred, and the parties involved vowed to settle the matter after school. After all, their education could not be interrupted to handle it on the spot. Plus, if the fight occurred off school property – the penalty would be less. So, after school the opponents drew a crowd and the rants and cheers could be heard – “Fight – Fight”!! Everybody gathered around – excited to see the outcome. Some chose sides and others could care less. But, more often than not – no-one intervened to stop the fight.

Well, we have the left the playground, but the rant and cheers of “fight- fight” still linger. Those words, while not uttered aloud, still carry the same elements. Someone has been wronged and the parties feel the need to settle the score. People gather around to witness the outcome. People choose sides. The church has become the playground, but we are no longer children. Our fights affect our witness to the world about our relationship and belief in Jesus the Christ.

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