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'Culture and Conflict: African American Congregations' explores culture and conflict in the Black church

If there is a subject that has been widely overlooked and largely understudied deserving of being explored and discussed, it would be the subject of how culture influences the recognition and resolution of conflict in predominately African American congregations. In Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack's riving and eye-opening novel "Culture and Conflict: African American Congregations", this subject matter is addressed in a way that brings readers into questioning, "Does the uniqueness of African American culture impact the way discord is managed in a predominately African American congregation?


Dr. Tate-Cammack has witnessed numerous church "break-ups" to the extent of seeing pastors locked out of churches, being taken to jail, laity choosing sides (often without the facts), and generally seeing how conflict impacts pastors and laity alike. Often the conflict is not addressed and will tend to manifest itself in other ways. "These actions damaging to the witness of Christ to the world", stated Dr. Tate-Cammack.

While many are addressing the issues of conflict in general and some in churches, specifically, none are researching or addressing the issue of culture and conflict in the Black church. During Dr. Tate-Cammack's educational pursuits in the fields of interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, she became acutely aware that the dialogue did not include the nuances of the black church. This absence of information led to her research.


Deftly constructed at 132 pages, "Culture and Conflict: African American Congregations" explores the uniqueness of African American culture as it relates to conflict. Black people have formed their own worldviews and distinctive culture as parallels and not replicas to mainstream culture. These distinctive forms of culture and worldview's influence every facet of life including the worship experience.

Early in her work life, Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack became interested in interpersonal communication and the dynamics involved in such a complex subject. She has spent over 30 years in the field of interpersonal communications and conflict resolution. However, after recently becoming interested in knowing if those same dynamics impacted conflict in churches, particularly predominately African American congregations, the book was borne.


The information in "Culture and Conflict: African American Congregations" helps one to better understand the African American culture; why they do what they do, feel the way they feel, etc. There is a basis and history attached to it as the book points out.

"I have been in ordained ministry for the past 15 years. I am dedicated to the restoration of relationships through the application of God's Word" - Rev. Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack

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About Rev. Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack:

Rev. Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack, an ordained minister, is a native of Wilmington, North Carolina, but has spent most of her adult life in California. Her formal education has been molded around interpersonal communication: B.A.& S, Bennet College, Human Resources and Negotiations; Chapman University, M.A., Organizational Leadership and Trinity Theological Seminary, Doctor of Religious Studies with an Emphasis in Conflict Management. Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack has been blessed to develop and teach programs on Change Management, Cultural Diversity, Interpersonal Communications, and Conflict Resolution in both secular and Christian forums.


Recognizing and successfully navigating conflict in an African-American church congregation is a major challenge for both clergy and laity. In Culture and Conflict: African-American Congregations, Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack explores how culture influences the recognition and resolution of conflict in predominately African American congregations.

Black people have developed their own distinctive culture and worldviews s parallels-not replicas- to mainstream culture. These distinct forms of culture and worldviews influence almost every facet of life, including the worship experience--and clergy and laity both must be sensitive to these difference in examining disharmony in the church. Culture and Conflict addresses a subject that has been long overlooked and largely understudied: Does the uniqueness of African-American culture impact the way discord is managed in predominately African-American congregations?

Dr. Annisteen Tate-Cammack

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The information the author provided is long overdue. I was amazed by the factual and statistical information the educates and enlightens us to a new way of thinking.





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